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Black Plastic & Rubber Restorer

SKU: 9779335

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Black plastic & rubber restorer restores and revives unpainted
rubber and plastic to a like new look. Great for all exterior
mouldings, bumpers, plastic and rubber trim. Provides long
lasting UV protection.


Pour product on wax applicator pad or clean cloth and
apply evenly over surfaces that need to be treated.
Keep away from water for a 24-hour period to allow
product to dry.


Make sure surface is clean and dry before applying. Do
not apply on handlebars, levers, pedals and all others
control components.


  • For best results, apply the product when the surfaces are hot. The product will be
    absorbed faster and deeper by the surfaces.
  • Do not wait for your surfaces to fade to apply the product. Use it as pre-emptive
    protection, its UV protection will protect your surfaces and prevent fading.