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SKU: B107090000
By Sea-Doo

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The Sea-Doo Two-Person Two-Way Sit-in Tube (68" x 67”) is a cockpit-style tube ideal for more timid riders who just want a stable, relaxing ride. The chafe-free neoprene seating area is comfortable and dry, while the tube’s low center of gravity makes it less susceptible to wakes and waves tipping it over. Also, thanks to its dual tow points, it offers two different styles of riding: pulled from the front for a comfortable ride while seated against the backrest, or towed backwards for a more thrilling chariot-style ride while sitting on your knees. And whichever way you ride, the soft foam handles equipped with knucke guards provide a welcome added touch. All Sea-Doo tubes are made with heavy-duty nylon covers and robust PVC air chambers, and outfitted with quick-connect tow hooks.