to make your sea-doo life last long

maintenance is key.

Most of the time your Sea-Doo has to worry about keeping up with you, but you also have to remember to keep up with your Sea-Doo!

1. All purpose cleaner and degreaser

2. 4T 5W-40 Synthetic Blend Oil (1QT)

3. Vinyl & Plastic UV Protectant

4. Extended Life Pre-Mized Coolant



Marine All Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser works above and below deck to remove surface stains, to remove and prevent yellowing, clean mold and eliminate odors on all surfaces. Quickly removes stubborn grease and oil build-up on motors and drives. Safe and effective to use on vinyl, fiberglass, gelcoat, canvas, non-skid, rubber, plastic and more. Removes waterline marks, fish blood, and food stains with ease.



Designed for high-performance off-road, on-road and PWC 4-stroke engines, including turbo or supercharged powersports engines.Off-road formula with premium antiwear and anti-corrosion additives.Provides superior engine and transmission protection against rust and corrosion even in extreme conditions.



16 fl. oz Marine UV Protectant has powerful UV blockers to protect your boating investment. This formula leaves a clean, nongreasy, satin finish that restores color and luster while preventing fading and cracking. Perfect for both synthetic and natural rubber, all types of vinyl, plus it also works on fiberglass, gelcoat and most plastic. The anti-static properties repel dust and grime, keeping your boat looking like new much longer. 



Providing protection from freezing or overheating, our Extended-Life Pre-Mixed Coolant is easy to use as it contains the correct dilution and necessary additives for your engine. Also designed to prevent corrosion and to inhibit cavitation in cooling systems, the long-life 5-year (orange) formula offers superior heat transfer and is specifically formulated for vehicles. Spend less time working on your vehicle and more time enjoying it! This XPS Extended-Life Pre-Mixed Coolant is the ideal replacement for vehicles that normally use a 2-year antifreeze/coolant (green).


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