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If you are new to the Ski-Doo family, you might not know where to start. Maybe you just purchased your first sled, or maybe looking to just upgrade your winter gear! Ski-Doo has something for everyone. 

First let’s talk technology. Throughout the years, Ski-Doo has released gear with more advanced features that provide an overall better experience. Ski-Doo is most known for their:

  1.  Sympatex Membrane
  2.  Primaloft Insulation
  3.  YKK Zippers

The Sympatex membrane is made up of 100% recyclable materials. It's created as an outer layer to give you a water and wind proof experience. This technology allows your body to stay protected from the harsh weather while allowing it to breath. Sympatex adjusts your bodies temperature by letting the right amount of moisture pass through. Did we mention it had a lifetime warranty?

Keep the cold out, stay dry, and manage the moisture!



Primaloft is an upgraded insulation technology from the standard Thermal Loft. Primaloft is offered in 3 levels: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. The gold level being the warmest and so on. For reference, Gold is ideal for riders who are out for long periods of time and don't want to sacrifice comfort or performance. 

YKK Zippers are a leader in their industry. These zippers are water-resistant with a sealed seam. 

Ski-doo creates gear with two types of riders in mind. Deep snow and Trail riders. Although they categorize their apparel, it isn't unheard of for items to overlap. In their 2022 line up, they have one "deep snow" jacket: THE HELIUM JACKET.


Ladies' (Left) and Men's (Right)

This is a lighter Jacket, typically not worn as much for warmth but instead for comfort and dryness. This jackets outer layer is made up of the Sympatex Membrane to create a barrier between the skin and the intense conditions. 

Who typically purchases the Helium Jacket? We typically see intense mountain riders purchase this style. However, some trail riders purchase the Helium Jacket and pair it with the Packable Jacket for more warmth and flexibility.


Next, we have their trail/touring gear. There are three jacket options in this 'collection'

  1. Holeshot Jacket
  2. X-Team Jacket
  3. Absolute 0 Jacket


                                  Ladies' (Left) and Men's (Right)

The Holeshot is the baseline for the other jackets. This is a waterproof, windproof and breathable option. It has 200g of Thermal Loft insulation and radiant core technology. 

Who typically purchases the Holeshot Jacket? This jacket was designed for recreational & utility use. This is a perfect jacket for someone who is looking for winter apparel for work or someone who just got into snowmobiling but doesn’t want to invest yet.



                                        Ladies' (Left) and Men's (Right)

The X-Team jacket is the next level-up. This jacket has the addition of the Primaloft Silver insulation. adding 200g to the jacket. With its radiant core technology and 100% sealed seams and logos, this jacket will keep you warm in any condition. 

Who typically purchases the X-Team Jacket? This jacket was designed for performance, so we often see those who ride more intensely buy this style. This is a perfect middle ground of the three options, more warmth than the Holeshot but not extra advanced liked the Absolute 0. 



            Ladies' (Left) and Men's (Right)

The Absolute 0 Jacket is the most advanced of them all. This jacket not only has Sympatex and Primaloft Gold, but you are able to remove the inner liner for more flexibility when you ride. If you find yourself getting warm, easily unzip the inner layer and remove it for a lighter shell! 

Who typically purchases the Absolute 0 Jacket? Given the number of benefits with this jacket, we typically see people who have rid for a long time purchase this style. They look at it as an investment, given its higher price point. 


The last category Ski-Doo likes to use is "CROSSOVER". This year they have one Jacket in this category. THE MCODE JACKET. 


                                    Ladies' (Left) and Men's (Right)

This Jacket has a 3-in-1 construction, combining a shell and a zipped puffy jacket with 200g of Thermal loft insulation. Like the Absolute Jacket, you can remove the inner layer to be left with a lighter shell. On-top of this though, the inner layer is designed to be worn on its own! If you are an avid rider who maybe likes to mix things up, ride both trail and deep snow, this jacket is for you! Wear the inner layer for warmer days, add the outer layer if the temperature drops!  

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